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8350 S. Kyrene Road, Suite 107 Tempe, AZ 85284

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Teams Participating:

SCVA Jr Boy's Invitational:

14 Black (Finished 17th in Open)

15 Black (Finished 13th in Open)

16 Black (Finished 9th in USA)

17 Black (Finished 3rd in USA)

18 Black (Finished 13th in Open)

Boy's Winter Championships:

18 Black (Finished 3rd in Open)

17 Black (Finished 27th in Open)

15 Black (Finished 5th in Open)

USAV Boys National Championships:

18 Black (Open)

17 Black (USA)

15 Black (Open)


USAV Boy's National Championship

Each teams schedule will be linked on the sidebar. This link takes you to each teams AES (Advanced Event System) page which gets updated in real time. There you will find which court and what time each match will be played, as well as the teams work schedule to ref. Bookmark this page to stay updated!

AM Wave starts at 8:00 AM
PM Wave starts at 3:00 PM

Spectator tickets can be purchased at the Convention Center. You can also pre-purchase a Tournament Pass that is good for the duration of the tournament. If you plan on attending more than 2 days of the tournament, then a Tournament Pass wristband would be the cheaper option. The boys will receive a pass from their coach either at their last practice or immediately before the tournament at the convention center.

Ticket prices and info can be found here.



Travel Tournament Information

Some of our teams will be traveling to out-of-state tournaments to compete with other regions and to compete on the national level. Schedule and results will be posted on Advanced Events Systems. Please check the sidebar for links to the AES team pages.


SCVA Jr. Boy's Invitational - Bid Tournament
Jan. 11-13, 2019 - Anaheim, California
Tournament Website

Boy's Winter Championships - Bid Tournament
Jan. 19-21, 2019 - Chicago, Illinois
Tournament Website

Jr. Boys National Championship
July 2019 - Dallas, Texas
Tournament Website


What is a Bid Tournament?
In order to compete in the highest divisions at the National Championships, teams must earn a bid into that division. Teams earn this bid by finishing among the top teams in their age group at a bid tournament. There are 3 divisions at the National Championships: Open (the highest), USA, and Club divisions. Open and USA divisions require bids to compete in, while Club division is open to all teams.