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  • 12 Rox: National Division Bid
  • 13 Rox: Open Division Bid
  • 14 Rox: National Division Bid
  • 15 Rox: Open Division Bid
  • 16 Rox: Open Division Bid
  • 16 Black: American Division Bid
  • 17 Rox: Open Division Bid

Go Aspire!!

Aspire 16-Rox and Aspire 15-Rox Finish One-Two at 16-Open AZ Region Championships!

Congratulations to Both Teams!  Way to Represent!   Aspire 16-Black also finishes in the Gold Division and 7th out of 48 16-Open teams in the field! 

Aspire 17-Rox Take Silver at 17-Open AZ Region Championships!

Congratulations on a Stellar Performance!

Aspire 12-Rox Takes Silver at 12's AZ Region Championships!

Great Job 12-Rox!!

Aspire 17 Silver wins 17 Championship Division Championships!

Congratulations to Aspire 17 Silver for taking the Gold at the AZ Region 17's Championship Division Championships! You Rock!

Aspire 17 Rox and 15 Rox Earn Open Bids & 16 Rox Wins Second Open NQ Placing First in 16 Open at SoCal

16 Rox Win 16 Open at the SCVA NQ

Congratulations to Aspire 17 Rox and 15 Rox! Both teams had phenomenal tournaments at the SCVA National Qualifier in Los Angeles. 15 Rox finished 2nd in 15 Open and 17 Rox had a 5th place finish, earning both teams Open bids to the GJNC in New Orleans.  Congratulations also to Aspire 16 Rox for winning 16 Open in SoCal making that their second Open NQ title with their win at Colorado Crossroads in February.  Go Aspire!!


Aspire Rox teams sweep every age division entered at AZNQs to bring home five more bids and an alternate to GJNCs:

  • Aspire 12 Rox - AZNQ Champions - National Bid
  • Aspire 13 Rox - AZNQ Champions - National Bid
  • Aspire 14 Rox - AZNQ Champions - National Bid
  • Aspire 15 Rox - AZNQ Champions - National Bid
  • Aspire 16 Rox - Xroads Open Champs - Open Bid
  • Aspire 16 Black - AZNQ 3rd Place - Alternate
  • Aspire 17 Rox - AZNQ Champions - National Bid

Congratulations to Aspire 16 Rox for winning the 16 Open Division of Crossroads and 16 Black for taking 5th in USA!

Aspire 16 Rox win 16 Open title at Crossroads

Aspire 16 Rox win 16 Open title at Crossroads

Aspire 16 Rox went undefeated to capture the 16 Open title with a 11-0 record and earning an Open bid to Junior Nationals this summer.  Aspire 16 Black lost only two sets, finishing a great tournament 6-2.

Aspire Coach Regina Mannix Named COACH OF THE YEAR

Congratulations to Aspire 17 Rox Head Coach Regina Mannix for being named 2015 National Club Coach of the Year!!

Aspire 16 Rox wins MLK Fiesta Classic

Aspire 16 Rox 16 Open Champions

Congratulations to all Aspire teams for a great weekend at the 20 MLK Fiesta Classic!


Aspire 16 Rox won the 16 Open Division with an undefeated record of 10-0 and without dropping a set. Aspire 17 Rox had a great finish with 3rd in 18 Open and 15 Rox took 3rd overall in 16 Open, making them the top 15's team in the tournament!

Final finishes for the Aspire teams:
17 Rox - 3rd place, 18 Open
16 Rox - 1st place, 16 Open
16 Black - 23rd place, 16 Open
15 Rox - 3rd place, 16 Open
15 Black - 25th place, 16 Club
14 Rox - 11th place, 16 Club
14 Black - 7th place, 16 Club

14-15 Boys Season

Aspire 16 Rox win Region Championship and 14 Rox is Silver Medalist

Aspire 16-Rox

Congratulations to Aspire's 16 Rox Boys for winning this year's Regional Championships and taking the Gold in the 16 and under age division. Aspire's 14 Rox also had an impressive finish to the season taking 2nd place and the Silver Medal at Regional Championships in the 14 and under age division!

Aspire 14-Rox


Boys Regionals Finishes:

  • 18 Rox - 5th Place
  • 18 Black - 17th Place
  • 18 Royal - 26th Place
  • 16 Rox - 1st Place
  • 16 Black - 9th Place
  • 14 Rox - 2nd Place