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8350 S. Kyrene Road, Suite 107 Tempe, AZ 85284

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Open Division Tournament Info

How long does the tournament go for?
The first match of the tournament starts at 9:00 am. Each team will play a total of 4 matches in a best 2/3 format. The tournament will end when all of the matches are completed. Tournaments are usually done by 5 pm but, in extreme cases, can last until 7 pm.

How is the tournament formatted?
The tournament schedule is posted near the entrance of every venue. This will give you a rough play schedule to follow. Teams are divided up into pools of 4, with one cross-pool match afterwards. Look for what seed your team is to find their schedule and court number. Matches will begin as soon as the court is available, so the start times listed are just estimates. 

What can I bring into the venue?
Only water is allowed in each playing facility, but coolers and pop-up tents can be set up outside for each team to camp at in between games. Camping chairs are usually allowed as long as the feet have rubber soles. Some facilities will have viewing areas with bleachers set up at each court. Please be respectful and mindful of the facilities rules.


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