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Aspire 16-Rox

  • Tryout Day! Love our 16-Rox Team!

    Tryout day! Love our 16-Rox team!
  • 16-Rox Players Represent at OTC!!

    Aspire 16-Rox players Skylar, Hailey & Rachel represent at Olympic Training Center for Holiday Camp!!
  • If in Tucson--Must have Eegee's!!

  • Fiesta Classic Runner-Up

  • Team Games off the court!!

  • Festival Fiesta Runner-Up

  • AZ National Qualifier Champs! National Bid!!

  • Show Me Qualifier: Bronze Medal & Open Bid!!

  • Celebrate in Kansas City!!

  • AZ Region Open #4 Division 1 Champions!!

  • AZ Region 16's Silver Medal


Aspire 16-Rox